We here at AshCon Logistics believe in

  • Passion to Grow
  • Smart work
  • Being Innovative
  • Team building
  • Finding Solutions Methodically
  • Having a Positive Attitude
  • Never give up
  • Understanding people and their mentality


Major commodities handled

With the experience of working with Shipping Lines we carry a confidence and knowledge to handle many commodities.
India being a prime exporter of Agricultural commodities we have shaped our knowledge to handle agro commodities such as Seeds(packed, loose in bulk), Soya(and its products), Maize, Cotton, Yarn etc.
We have a good hand in handling machinery be it in gauge or OOG.
Hazardous & Non-hazardous Chemicals
We cater with shipments containing chemicals of various HAZ CLASS, UN NO and PKG GRP. We also have shipments for non haz chemicals
One more commodity that moves out from India on a large scale is Pharmaceutical goods. We have all the vital know-how to handle this.


Always committed to be known as a Quality Driven & Reliable Logistics Provider.

Mission and Vision


Integrity ,Committment ,Dedication ,Ownership will always be the key to our achieving excellence.